۱۳۹۰ فروردین ۲۵, پنجشنبه


۱۳۸۹ بهمن ۲۱, پنجشنبه

We participate, therefore we are. #CCK11

The cartesian view of knowledge and learning, a view that has largely dominated the way education has been structured for over one hundred years, states that: I think, therefore I am ,while the social learning view(this view can be sight mainly in constructivist and connectivism theories) states that:We participate, therefore we are.

۱۳۸۹ بهمن ۱۲, سه‌شنبه

learning-to-learn is more important than learning. #cck11

I think one of the most important strength of Connectivism is stimulating the conscious reflection of learner in learning process and while most of learning theories focus on collecting knowledge,but Connectivism focuses on the process of collecting knowledge. In other words while other learning theories promote learning, Connectivism promote learning -to-learn, because when the knowledge life time is decreasing the process of finding and collecting new updated knowledge be more important.
The Iranian people have a proverb that says if you want feeding a hungry for the moment you can give him a fish but if you want feeding him/her for entire life time you should teach him fishing.